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Article 5 - 5 ways to get your executive search right


What you can do to more successfully navigate your executive search…


1. Create a story


Where are you coming from and going to? Why? Is this story consistent throughout all materials and verbal explanations? Be crisp.


2. Build a strategy


Approach the process as you would a strategic initiative. What are your goals, strategies, tactics, and measures? How will you position yourself to best achieve your goals?


3. Think long term with your relationships


It’s not smart to ignore cultivating recruiter relationships. Think in terms of long (years not months) time frames. Take the time to return those occasional calls or emails; make recommendations for potential candidates; and, make an effort to stay in touch as you change jobs and your career progresses.


4. Cultivate ‘warm’ introductions rather than ‘cold’ calls


Focus on networking through people you know versus calling people blindly.


Consultants are inundated with requests for help. So of course they prioritise people with whom they’ve had a prior, positive relationship and referrals from their network.


5. Sell then buy


Once you have decided to interview with the client – and they want you to interview – balance questions you have regarding whether the company is right for you with providing information about yourself.


Use your questions to both answer your questions and demonstrate a clear interest in the company and position.


Questions about the trajectory of the company, the firm’s leadership, expectations of the role you would be filling, the culture of the firm, etc demonstrate that you’ve done your homework, you are inquisitive, you have thoughtful and insightful questions, and overall, you are clearly interested.


You can’t get the job if they don't believe you want it.

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